Security instructions for the participation at the meeting with the youth and the Holy Mass

  1. Pope Francis’ meeting with youth will start in the Tallinn St. Charles Church at 11.50, but the preparatory part of this meeting together with prayers and songs will start at the church at 10.00. Entry will open at 9.30 and close at 11.15. The entry tent will be located on the pavement near the Tõnismäe crossing, at the corner of the drive to the square in front of the church.
  2. Holy Mass at the Liberty Square will start at 16.30. It will be preceded by a preparatory programme with music (at 15.00) and Pope Francis’ ride on popemobile around the square (ca at 16.00). Entry will open at 14.00. There will be three entrances to the square – between the bus stop and the Kaarli Blvd. Car Park and on both sides of St. John’s Church. We recommend everybody to arrive in good time before 15.30.
  3. Only those, who have registered themselves in advance and have received the ticket, can attend the meeting with the youth and the Papal Mass. In addition, infants must also have tickets.
  4. Tickets are personalized and valid only together with an identification document (ID-card or passport). Only the person, whose name is on the ticket, can use the ticket. People without tickets cannot enter!
  5. Present the ticket for checking in the security gate either as a printout or electronically on a smart gadget.
  6. In case your ticket is valid for both the meeting with the youth and the Holy Mass, please remember that after the meeting with the youth you have to produce the same ticket later for the Papal Mass.
  7. On the ticket for the Holy Mass, you will find the mark of your sector. In order to find your sector, please watch the information screens at the Liberty Square and follow the instructions of the volunteers.
  8. It is not allowed to take with you the following items to the meeting with the youth and the Holy Mass: bid bags, suitcases, umbrellas, hazardous objects, glass bottles and edge tools.
  9. If needed, we ask you to use raincoats at the Liberty Square.
  10. For finding lost children, please contact police officers or security guards.
  11. Information about the lost and found property can be obtained in entry tents. In case you have lost something, please inform the entry tent.
  12. Photo taking is allowed, but one cannot use big professional cameras and tripods or selfie sticks.
  13. We ask you to behave decently at the Holy Mass.

See you on 25 September!