Holy Mass

Holy Mass, the most important event of pope Francis’ visit, takes place on 25th September at 16.30 in the Freedom Square in Tallinn.

Before the Holy Mass there will be a preparatory program that includes music (at 15.00), prayer and pope Francis driving around the Square with his papamobile.

Gates will open at 14.00. There are three entrances leading to the square – between bus stop and the Kaarli avenue parking lot and on both sides of St John’s Church (Estonian: Jaani kirik). It is recommended to arrive early, before 15.30.

Only those who have registered and received a ticket will be able to attend the papal Mass. You are required to have the ticket and identification document with you. For those who have not registered themselves to the Holy Mass it is possible to watch the live broadcast from a screen located in Raekoja plats.

Here you can download the Security Instructions for the ecumenical meeting and the Holy Mass.