Ecumenical meeting with young people

Pope Francis’ ecumenical meeting with the youth takes place on September 25th at 11.50 in EELC Kaarli Church [Estonian: Kaarli kirik] in Tallinn.

The pope wants to meet with the youth in order to speak to them, to listen to their testimonies and to sing and pray with them. It is a very special and unique occasion!

Pope Francis is a very simple and warm person. He is famous for being an apostle of hope, a builder of bridges between hearts, he is able to speak even to the disillusioned, chilly, to those who have not met Christ yet. He is able to love, strengthen, and encourage every child of God.

At 10.00 a preparatory program will begin. That includes prayer and singing.

The doors open at 9.30 and close at 11.15. The entrance gate is located on the corner of the main driveway leading to the small square in front of the church’s main entrance.

Only those who have registered and received a ticket will be able to attend the meeting. You are required to have the ticket and identification document with you. For those who have not registered themselves to the ecumenical meeting with the youth can watch the live broadcast from a screen located in Raekoja plats.

Here you can download the Security Instructions for the ecumenical meeting and the Holy Mass.